What Does Our Neighborhood Need?
We Want Your Opinion

Your Sauganash Community Association needs your input! We’re surviving winter together and as the weather turns, the signs of wear on our streets and sidewalks is becoming apparent. We are conducting a survey to determine where the greatest needs are for infrastructure repair (potholes, curbs, signage, trees etc) in our community. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the survey via the link below. Please respond by Sunday, March 11. This is your opportunity to provide the address location of the improvements you believe are needed in our community. Responses are anonymous. We will share results on our website and with our Alderman. Take the Survey

Senior and Senior Freeze
Property Tax Exemption Deadline Extended

If you believe you qualify for either a Senior or Senior Freeze exemption, the deadline for filing your application has been extended from February 7 to March 2, 2018. Any application postmarked by March 2 will be accepted.

If you need help with your application, Commissioner Bridget Gainer urges you to call her office at (312) 603-4210.

Updates at Police Meet and Greet

Board member Jim Murphy of the Traffic and Safety committee attended a Meet and Greet with Chicago police Feb. 1 who introduced Susan Moss, the new Commander of the 17th district, and shared recent updates. Police believe the shooting on Kedvale earlier this week was an isolated incident and that the victim’s son was an intended target. CPD does not believe that this is new gang activity working into the neighborhood. No one was hit with gunfire. The detectives are working on it and there will be more patrols rolling through the area. They also announced that the 17th District would be getting some new officers in the near future. 

New Police Commissioner

Please welcome Commander Susan E. Moss who is replacing Commander Elias Voulgaris. Commander Voulgaris will now be Commander for the Office of Emergency Management and Communications. We look forward to working with Commander Moss.

Chicago Police 17th District Fundraiser

The 17th District wants to bring happiness and warmth to 150 children living in need in the Chicago’s 17th Police District with the gift of a new winter coat. Help them reach their goal at Operation Warm.

Crime Alert

There have been some nearby incidents recently. Please be careful. Here are the details. And here are notes of a follow up meeting with Police Commander Voulgaris of the 17th District.

Police Activity

Commander Voulgaris has alerted us to the following crimes in nearby neighborhoods:

There have been burglaries recently in the 16th District. In some incidents, the offender(s) gain entry to the residences by prying open the front door. There have also been “ruse” burglaries and thefts. Crews state they are there to trim a tree or work on something and while one subject keeps the owner occupied, another subject steals items from the residence. We also have had reports where 2 subjects will knock on a door claiming they accidentally hit the garage. Same thing, one subject takes the victim to the garage while the other steals items from the residence.

Be careful too of what you buy on social media sites. One subject found a television for sale online and met up. The seller gave a nicely sealed box to the buyer in exchange for cash. Once the buyer got home and opened the box, he discovered a fake television. So, if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is.

There have also been thefts of catalytic converters in the neighborhood. This is a city-wide crime.

Results Are In

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey about what you’d like to see the association do in 2018. Over 200 members participated, and  here is a summary of results. And you can see full results here.

 SCA Bob Perkaus Memorial 5K

October 1 was a beautiful day for our run. Check out our Facebook page for pictures of the event. Congratulations to our winners:

Jose Del Toro (18:52), Vinunzo Vaccarella (19:19) Dan Fitzgerald (20:05)
Cynthia Osuna (22:29) Maureen Juskaitis (23:53) Beth Groshek (24:22)

Kyle Estrera (27:26)  Daniel Jirgal (28:34)  Tommy Barr (29:34)
Elizabeth Ziemer (29:32) Mary Barr (29:59) Bridget Carroll (35:02)

Mikey Mullen (20:42) Danny Rodriguez (23:41) Charlie Juskaitis (23:59)
Emilie San Roman (26:47) Lily Zehfuss (29:16) Katie Langfels (31:36)

We are grateful for our sponsors:
O’Tech Corporation • Alderman Margaret Laurino • Debbie Perkaus • Precision Plating Company • Phil Stefani Restaurants & Events • Queen of All Saints Basilica • Smith-Corcoran Funeral Home • Kelly Construction and Design, Ltd. • Relevant Radio 950 AM • Chicagoland Custom Closets • Edgebrook Ace Hardware • First Resource Marketing, Inc. • Healthful Habits, LLC • Healy Scanlon Law Firm • Jewel Osco • John D’Amico, State Representative • Kelly Leggett – Keller Williams Realty • K. Hovnanian Homes
• L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge • Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria • Nora Medical Group-Dr Mindy Nora • North Shore Community Bank & Trust • Phyter Food • Rob Paddor Evanston Subaru • Sauganash Montessori School • Sauganash Wellness Center • Swedish Covenant Hospital • Tarpey’s Pharmacy • Team Perkaus
• Whole Foods Market – Sauganash

Many thanks to Race Director Karen Scala, our cheerful volunteers and the Perkaus familyProceeds from this event benefit a scholarship fund at Loyola Academy in Bob’s name, Sauganash Park, Sauganash School, and Queen of All Saints School.

Share Your Thoughts About the Shelter

As part of the City’s Year of Public Art 50×50 program the alderman is improving the old, neglected bus shelters in the ward and one is across from the new Sauganash Glen homes on Peterson. Here is a rendering of what the shelters will look like when he’s done and the feedback from the survey below will inform the final product. The artist, BJ Krivanek, wants as many people as possible to take part in the process by taking this quick survey.

Garage Burglaries on the Rise

Commander Voulgaris of the Chicago Police Department warns that garage burglaries in the neighborhood have increased. Please make sure your garage is secure — both the side doors and overhead doors. Also, keep an eye on your catalytic converter. Thieves have been targeting those as well.  Good news? Violent crimes in district are down.


You Can Help Build a Home

Did you know that there are more ways to build a house with Habitat for Humanity than on their construction site? Join them at their very own home improvement store, ReStore Chicago! ReStore’s mission is to raise funds by selling new and donated building materials to the public. Merchandise is sold at greatly reduced prices, with 100% of Restore profit funneled into Habitat for Humanity in its effort to assist the 259,000 people in Chicago facing a critical housing need. ReStore, on Chicago’s northwest side, is located at 6040 N. Pulaski Rd. They are seeking volunteers Wednesday – Sunday between 10 AM and 6 PM. Contact them at or at 773-539-6040 ext. 210 for more information.

Time to Join or Renew

Its time to renew membership for the June 2017-18 year. Your membership makes possible the annual 4th of July parade and picnic, the Bob Perkaus 5K run, curb-to curb snow plowing, mosquito abatement and donations to local schools and Sauganash Park. The Board of Directors, who volunteer their time and talents on your behalf, provide a liaison to local police and city government, monitor local issues like overhead air traffic, listen to your concerns through our phone line, email and annual member meeting, keep you updated through emails, our website and Facebook and host complementary member parties.

Visit our Join Today page to keep the SCA going strong. Pay with Paypal, mail in your application or pay in person at the bank or the picnic. Your e-mail address, always confidential, will allow us to keep you informed. If you haven’t already, please join us!

Vehicle Crimes

Commander Vulgaris reports that 2 vehicle-related crimes have increased in the last few weeks. Luckily, we have not seen these crimes in 17, but you should be aware:

1. Bump and Go: Offenders are using cars to bump into the rear of people driving in their cars. Once the victim gets out to investigate the traffic crash, they are robbed. If you should be involved in a traffic crash, but don’t feel comfortable with the other party, stay in your car, call 911 and request a police officer to come to the scene, or if both cars are driveable, request that the other driver meet you at the nearest police station.

2. Carjackings have increased. Always keep your doors locked when driving, and always be alert especially when stopped at a stoplight.

Another Note from Commander Voulgaris

The commander of our 17th Police District, Elias Vulgaris, urges residents to enjoy the summer but to remain vigilant and to report any criminal activity you may observe.  Read his full note.

Crime Alert: Lock Your Car Doors!

There have been several cases of dead-of-night/early morning car burglaries in the last few weeks, in and around Sauganash. One case involved access by smashing a window and taking a briefcase; all others appear to have involved unlocked cars. In addition, there was an attempted robbery April 2, at 5:50 am of a resident walking his dog near Keating and Ionia by 3-4 men. Fortunately, the person wasn’t hurt and nothing was taken. Since 99% or more of car break ins are to an unlocked car—and the attempted robbery was possibly connected to the break-ins—please, lock your cars and remove valuables from view. Unlocked cars not only put your possessions at risk, they draw criminal elements to our otherwise safe neighborhood. If you are the victim of a crime or suspect one is in progress, always call 911. After the fact, call 311 and file a police report.

Airport Update

The test rotation of flight patterns for flights arriving at O’Hare has been concluded. For results, see the report available from the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission.

 Dispose of Pharmaceuticals Safely

Drop off expired or unused medications at the city’s disposal sites. They’re open 24/7, and two nearby are the 16th District Police Station (5151 N. Milwaukee Avenue) and the 17th District Police Station (4650 N. Pulaski Road). You can also leave them at the O’Brien Water Reclamation Plant,  7 days a week, 9 am – 6 pm, 3500 Howard Street (847) 568-8223.

Apply for Property Tax Rebate

If you are Chicago homeowner with a household income of $75,000 or less and the city portion of your most recent property tax bill increased over last year’s, you may be entitled to a rebate. You can apply at any of the 26 neighborhood locations. Residents of the 39th Ward are encouraged to use the Albany Park Library (3401 W. Foster.) Homeowners must apply for the rebate in person, and you must bring required documents.

Additional Police Officers Coming

Alderman Margaret Laurino and Alderman Ariel Reboyras tells us that the Police Superintendent has committed to assigning 12 new officers to the 16th & 17th District by the end of 2016 along with opening bid spots through March.