Sauganash School Meals Available for all Local Children

Sauganash School has bagged breakfast and lunches available for ALL children in the community that need it, whether or not they attend Sauganash school. Up to three bagged breakfasts and lunches can be picked up  for every child between 8am-1pm at the main entrance. You don’t need to check in or provide your name. Food is appropriate for all children over the age of 2. Because sites are subject to change daily please check this map before you go.


Pg1DoorSince 1924 the Sauganash Community Association has worked to advance the interests of our northwestern corner of Chicago and to ensure our neighborhood always remains a vibrant and wonderful place to live.

We actively work to represent the wishes of our neighbors for issues like O’Hare noise and zoning as well as other affairs that come up from time to time.

We also engage in beautification projects for the neighborhood, we provide snow plowing and mosquito spraying, and we organize three events annually: a 4th of July parade and picnic, a special SCA members’ party, and a 5K run.


Sauganash Community Association • PO Box 46319 • Chicago, Illinois 60646