Our Community

Since its beginning over 90 years ago, Sauganash has been a special place of welcoming homes, and engaged and active neighbors. Many have lived their entire lives here, others have returned to raise their families, and those new to the community quickly fall in love with our small-town community in the big city on the edge of the LaBagh Woods Forest Preserves.

sauganash_mapAlmost 1,500 families make Sauganash their home in an area bounded by Devon Avenue to the north, the Edens Expressway to the west, Bryn Mawr Avenue to the south and the Sauganash Trail to the east. Downtown is only 15 minutes away on the expressway, and the community is well served by public transportation.

Sauganash schools include Sauganash Montessori, Sauganash School for the Young Years, Sauganash Elementary, and Queen of all Saints Elementary, with others nearby.

Sauganash Park offers an array of programs and activities, and the soon-to-be-extended mile-long Sauganash Trail is popular recreation facility. Local youth sports associations have a full schedule of baseball, soccer and softball games, there are pee-wee football programs in the fall, and the scouts are all active in the community.

There are dozens of clubs and civic organizations to join, the Chamber of Commerce actively supports a vibrant business district, and numerous churches with engaged congregations are in Sauganash or nearby.

Please note that Sauganash Park, sometimes confused as part of Sauganash, are our neighbors directly east of the Sauganash Trail. They also have a community association, and you can visit their site at sauganashpark.com

Mural north wall small

Mural South small

These beautiful mosaic murals decorate the viaduct under the Sauganash Trail at Peterson. They honor all the Sauganash communities’ historic past. The hundreds of photos etched into the tiles celebrate the present, and the many faces of children and their artwork represent the future. To learn more about these murals, visit the Sauganash Mural Project Facebook page. (Click on images to enlarge.)

Sauganash Community Association • PO Box 46319 • Chicago, Illinois 60646