As a member of the Sauganash Community Association you receive:

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  • Curb-to-curb snowplowing
  • Liaison to the 17th Police District and city government
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  • 4th of July parade and picnic
  • Bob Perkaus Memorial 5K
  • Annual open Sauganash Community Association meeting
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Mosquito Abatement

In an effort to reduce mosquito populations effectively and safely, we are trying a new tactic this year: kill the larvae before they become biting adults. Larvae thrive in stagnant water. Our abatement service, Clarke, is treating the ditches along the bike path with a product using spinosad, derived from a naturally occurring soil bacterium. It specifically targets larvae of mosquitoes and a few other insects and once applied, has little or no toxicity to plants, people, pets and local wildlife. The 1st application was applied a few weeks ago and will be repeated every 30 days. The city is treating street catch basins. We can’t eliminate mosquitoes, they will still fly in from neighboring areas, but we can reduce the numbers.

You can can help by eliminating all standing water on your property. That includes buckets, clogged gutters, flat roofs, pools, toys, tire swings, etc. Replace water in birdbaths every 5-7 days. Cover rain barrels. Drill a hole in the bottom of tire swings to let water drain. Keep fountains moving, or treat fountains and ponds with mosquito dunks. Dunks are safe for fish, plants and animals. Check those discarded items you forgot about behind your garage or shed. If it holds water, it’s growing mosquitoes. 

Mosquitoes are weak fliers and can’t navigate breezes. Keep them away with fans on your deck or patio—they are surprisingly effective. Take advantage of being outside on windy days. They are most active around sunup and sundown. Plan outdoor activities around those times. Light colored clothing minimizes your attraction. 

You can find Information on spinosad at: and mosquito dunks at:

Curb-to-Curb Snow Plowing

When snow accumulation reaches 4”, the association may call a contractor to plow the streets in Sauganash. This service is in addition to any plowing or salting the city may do. The city plows down the middle of the street only. Association members can sign up for e-mails to notify them when plows are expected.

New this year–in order to facilitate curb-to-curb plowing, we are asking Sauganash residents to clear the odd numbered side of the street for plows when we expect 4 or more inches of snow (as much as possible). Once plows have passed and cleared one side, if possible, move your vehicles so the plows can clear the other side. If you happen to miss the plows the first time around, please move your car to a cleared area, driveway or garage for any possible clean up.

If you don’t have a driveway or accessible garage, see if you can borrow a neighbors driveway temporarily or move your vehicle to a section that has already been plowed.

The drivers will make every effort to avoid pushing excess snow into your driveway or walkway, but a ridge along the plow route, including driveways, are unavoidable. Our service does not plow alleys. The city once plowed the alleys but there were many problems with broken fences and not enough places to put the snow. The safest way to clear alleys with fences is to snow blow over the fences. We suggest you join with neighbors to coordinate.

Safey note: If you have a fire hydrant in front of your property, please make sure it is cleared of snow so emergency personnel can see and access it.

Chicago Shovels

For the latest information about snow in Chicago, to get help clearing sidewalks, or to help neighbors with their snow, check out Chicago Shovels.

  • Plow Tracker: see where city snow plows are working in real-time
  • Chicago Snow Corps: volunteers who help seniors and the disabled with snow
  • Winter Apps: useful digital apps created by Chicago developers
  • Adopt a Sidewalk: help shovel a sidewalk!

Information on the Emerald Ash Borer

A recent survey counted approximately 220 ash trees in Sauganash parkways and there are even more in our yards. Unfortunately ash trees infected by deadly emerald ash borers have been discovered in our community.

If you have three or more of these symptoms or your tree is more than 30% dead, your ash tree is likely infected by emerald ash borers:

  • crown dieback
  • epicormic sprouting or suckers
  • bark splits
  • D-shaped exit holes in the bark
  • S-shaped larval galleries under the bark
  • presence of larvae
  • woodpecker damage to the outer bark
  • presence of adult beetles

The city is unable to treat trees that are not in the parkways, so it is recommended that you have your trees injected by a tree service. Trunk injection is 99% effective and minimizes exposing children, pets and the local water supply to unnecessary risk.

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